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Dear Valued patients,

We are officially back in the office offering non-emergency dental treatment after taking an unprecedented 9 week hiatus while practicing emergency only dental visits.

I would like to note our office has ALWAYS followed infection control recommendation made by the California Dental Association, American Dental Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The changes described below are new amendments and recommendations.

I want to thank you for your patience and support during these times. Due to the unprecedented number of appointments cancelled due to Shelter in Place orders, we can no longer keep those appointments for hygiene and dentist made for the remaining days fo the year. We will be calling you directly to create a new schedule for the days forward and will try to accommodate your schedule as best as we can while following our new guidelines. Below describes our new policies and changes implemented in the office so we can perform dentistry and hygiene safely in response to lowering the spread of Covi-19.

Before you come see us in the office:

1) Wear a level I mask to the dental office: cotton kerchief, neck gaiters, medical ones at hardware stores are totally acceptable. Please keep your mask on until you have been seated in the operatory and is asked to remove the mask.

2) Expensive masks are not necessary and the masks with the respirators are not acceptable. We’ll provide a mask if you don’t have one.

3) Please review the screening questionnaire form before you come in and confirm with Maria that you have reviewed the questions to schedule an appointment.

4) Please bring your own sunglasses and or pens if needed.

5) Please avoid bringing a companion to the office if possible. We are discouraging use of our shared waiting area because it is difficult to disinfect during business hours.

6) Please use the bathroom at home before appointments to avoid any spreadable germs.

Things we are implementing to improve infection control:

1)ventilating the office via virus filter in the HVAC system

2)Using additional suction equipment to avoid spread of aerosols.

3)Longer disinfecting process to clean each room and ourselves with our Covid 19 virucide after treatment.

4)Staying equipped for treatment with recommended PPE such as face shields, N95 masks and scrubs.

5)We are hoping for no waiting time for your appointments to prevent waiting in the shared waiting room but if there is a delay please wait in your car after checking in.

6)We are taking and recording the temperatures of ourselves and of our patients by keeping a daily log along with the screening questionnaire.

Sincerely Yours,

Glara Yi D.D.S and Staff


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